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I went online and started looking around

ysl bag fake

My relationship with my YSL bag goes way back. It all started when I was in college, and thought having a designer handbag would automatically make me grown-up and cool. No money to buy the real deal? No problem! I’d just get a YSL bag fake.

. Let me tell ya, the fakes out there looked amazing! I was so excited. Until I got it in the mail. Immediately, I could tell it was a cheap knock-off. The seams were crooked, the colors were off, and the strap was about to break. Then I looked inside and saw a tag that said ‘Made In China’.

That’s when the guilt set in. I had just been scammed. I not only spent money on something that wasn’t worth it, but I also contributed money to a company that was taking advantage of people- namely, workers in a Chinese sweatshop.

But, after my initial disappointment, I started to reflect on the bag. It wasn’t a YSL bag fake – it was a genuine fake. It was a smaller symbol of a much larger issue in the world- a fake within a system of exploitation and poverty. And of course, a reminder to always to quality research before buying anything online.

Since that day, I’ve made sure to consciously look at potential purchases. It’s not necessarily about where something comes from or how much it costs, but is it quality I’m looking for? Is it ethical? I like to find unique items that not only look good, but make me, and the people who worked to make it, feel good as well.

For me, fashion has become a lot more than just an acc[……]

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